National Sunglasses Day is Monday June 27th

It is National Sunglasses Day!

This summer is going to be a hot one, so whether you are cooling off in the water, headed offshore, or cruising 30A with the top down, make sure you are wearing UV protective eyewear. 

Sunglasses are not only a fabulous fashion accessory,   they also protect our precious eyes from the sun’s harmful Ultra Violet rays.  As you know UV radiation is damaging to your eyes and not wearing the proper UV protective eyewear can contribute to cataract formation, macular degeneration, skin cancer, pterygium a.k.a surfer’s eye, and the oh so dreaded …wrinkles! 

When you are considering a purchase of new sunglasses, make sure that they block 100 percent of UV rays. In addition you will want to add polarized lenses to block unwanted glare which can degrade your vision and make it seem hazy.  The views here on the Emerald Coast are breathtaking, polarized lenses help you see objects more clearly and colors more vividly. Fishermen and seafarers know that polarized lenses are the only way to see what lies beneath the surface of our emerald green waters making them a must-have watersport accessory. 

Reward yourself and protect your eyes with a new pair of luxury sunglasses from Optikk 30A.  We are proud to offer sunglasses from Maui Jim, Costa, Anne et Valentin, Etnia Barcelona and Gotti and would be happy to help you find your perfect fit.

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