It is Back to School Time!


You nailed it this year with the cool back pack, new supplies, and latest fashion trends. Your kids are sure to be top of the class, so don’t forget to schedule them a comprehensive eye exam.  August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month.  According to the National Commission on Vision and Health 25% of children aged 5-17 have a vision problem and 35% have never had an eye exam.  

Children with vision impairments face academic, social and athletic obstacles.  Early detection of vision problems gives children the tools to learn to the best of their ability which positively affects their behavior and performance in school.  

Be aware of signs that may indicate your child is having some vision problems, such as wandering eyes, disinterest in reading, squinting or complaints of headaches.  Optikk 30A  offers children’s eye exams and binocular vision evaluations.  Set a good health example for your children, and make sure the whole family starts off the school year with an eye exam, including mom and dad.

Safety is very important when discussing eye health with your children. Eye injuries are the leading cause of blindness in children, most of these are sports-related.  Protective eyewear should always be worn while playing sports or taking part in recreational activities, and children should always play with age-appropriate toys, avoiding sharp edges and protruding parts. Shop our optical boutique for the latest fashion in youth glasses and sunglasses. 

At Optikk 30A, we offer comprehensive eye care for the whole family. We are committed to offering you the latest in eye examination, emergency services, same day care and fashionable eyewear.