The Gift of Giving

At Optikk 30A we fundamentally believe in the importance of supporting smaller, independent businesses around the world that produce boutique handcrafted and innovative eyewear. We also feel it’s important to focus our support on causes that reach beyond ourselves which is why we are a proud partner with 141 Eyewear!

Who is 141 Eyewear? This Portland Oregon based company is part business part charity with a business model that goes beyond innovative style and design. 141 Eyewear provides a sustainable solution to give eyewear to those who need it most but may lack the access or funds to attain it. For every 141 Eyewear purchase made, they donate a new pair of prescription glasses to a person in need proactively combatting the issue that 153 million people have vision impairments simply because they don’t have access to corrective eyewear. We proudly stand behind their mission as one of the only 141 Eyewear retail partners in Florida. We hope by sharing their story and mission others will follow.

Owners and founders Shu-Chu and Kyle echo how we at Optikk 30A feel: “Imagine what the world would look like if every one of us took a portion of what we know and what we’re passionate about, and gave it to someone else in need.”

At Optikk 30A, we are grateful to have the opportunity to do the work we love while experiencing the gift of giving back. Something as small as a pair of glasses has the power to change someone’s life and opens up a whole new world of possibilities which exemplifies our tagline…BRINGING LIFE’S BEAUTY INTO FOCUS!

Stop by our Optical Boutique located in Redfish Village along Scenic 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida and let us show you our 141 Eyewear collection. Remember your purchase of a new pair of 141 frames will impact another’s life so help us advocate and spread the word…You Buy 141 Eyewear Gives! Contact us today to learn more!