Optikk 30A as "Roll" Models


Recently Optikk 30A partnered in the production of a national commercial with Red Tricycle and VSP Vision Care. Dr. Korrie Lalim and staff were so honored to be a part of this national campaign to raise awareness for the importance of back to school eye exams.

We were thrilled to be a part of this campaign and work with Red Tricycle and 30A Television. Most parents don’t think about getting their child an eye exam before school starts, but it really should be a part of their back to school checklist. Children are visual learners and with 1 in 4 children having a vision issue, it’s imperative that parents make sure to schedule regular eye exams. ~ Dr. Korrie Lalim, Optikk 30A

Red Tricycle is a digital lifestyle brand that spans 20 major markets and offers daily inspiration for family fun. Red Tricycle believes in the opportunities that come from creating memories and connecting families through fun experiences together. They advocate and help promote key messages such as this one on family eye health.

The shoot itself took place at Optikk 30A’s optical boutique in Redfish Village along scenic highway 30A in Blue Mountain Beach and was filmed by 30A Television.  In the world of film production, you literally (and figuratively!) have to roll with what mother nature has in store. That day, like many late summer days along the Gulf Coast, it was pouring rain, so the planned outdoor shots were changed to interior ones. Despite the wet weather, the shoot was a lot of fun and everyone worked well together.

Not only was the filming located at Optikk 30A but Dr. Korrie Lalim, along with two of her young patients, played leading roles for the filming. When asked about the experience, Dr. Korrie Lalim said she doesn’t normally like to be in front of the camera but enjoyed the whole process. Most importantly, she wanted to emphasize the importance of comprehensive eye care for children because children with uncorrected vision conditions or eye health problems face many barriers in life – academically, socially and athletically.

We’d love you to check out the video here and be sure to schedule your eye exams for those precious peepers soon!